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10 Free Joomla Templates for Small Businesses


Joomla is one of our favourite content management systems (CMS) and our Monsters are always asking about free Joomla templates which are available online.

If you’re using our Web Hosting you’ll know that the easiest way to create your own website is by using a one-click installer. It goes away and installs the CMS for you!

No more worrying about whether your database is setup correctly, or if your config file is correct, you just click a button and you’re up and running!

But once you’ve installed the CMS, where do you go next?

The template you choose for your Joomla installation will essentially dictate the style of your site.

We know a lot of small businesses use Joomla, so we’re going to focus today on giving you a number of free Joomla templates which can help you create a professional looking website.

You all know we love a good deal too, so we’re going to show you free themes!

10 Free Joomla Templates for Small Businesses

1. Shape5 Vertex Framework

Let’s start off our free Joomla template marathon with a brilliant framework.

A framework like this can be very useful.

According to Shape5:

“The S5 Vertex Framework is a set of functionality that creates the core logic and structure of a template. The purpose of the S5 Vertex framework is to unify the layouts, designs, and functions that Shape5 has built over the years …”

Shape5 Vertex Joomla Template

In other words, it’s pretty powerful!

It includes all kinds of features, from responsive design to a ‘Flex Menu’ which makes your navigation simple but effective.

2. Zenith

Zenith is a responsive template for Joomla with a huge range of customisable features.

There’s support for a huge range of fonts through the Google Web Fonts system, huge amount of module variations and a load of presets to get you started.

Zenith Joomla Template

The template is also fully documented, so even if you’re building your first website you will have some guidance as to how best to customise your template.

3. Afterburner 2

Rockettheme.com released this excellent template as ‘an experiment in how streamlined a Gantry Framework Template can be, whilst still being visually enticing and usable on a live site.’

If site speed is your number one priority, this may well be the template for you!

Even with the extremely low page load times, the template still looks great.

There are customisable dropdown menus, lots of module positions, lots of ready-made typography options and social buttons that are easy to implement.

Afterburner 2 Joomla Template

There’s also three different style presets to get you started.

Plus, there’s loads of documentation to help you mould the template to the perfect format.

4. JSN Boot

JSN Boot is a fairly minimalist Joomla template.

It has a huge number of parameters which you can modify really easily in the template settings. This includes the site logo, layout, mobile version and colours.

There’s a wide variety of layouts on offer which make it easy for you to create the format you need.

The template also has 4 colour variations.

JSN Boot Joomla Template

The template is already SEO optimised too, which is a great bonus for small businesses.

5. BT Arise

Arise, from Bowthemes.com is a business focused Joomla theme with lots of attractive features.

BT Arise Joomla Template

There are 5 default colourways for you to choose from. Once again there are some beautiful menus available.

There’s also built in support for Google Web Fonts, plus CSS and JavaScript compression to help load times.

6. Meembo

This is a relatively basic template which has a slightly more corporate feel than some of the other Joomla templates in this list.

You’ll find a slideshow, multi column layouts and drop down menus.

Meembo Free Joomla Template

This would be the perfect template for a small business hoping to take advantage of their own website without wanting too many fancy features.

[green_box]If you want to create your own website the easy way, you might want to think about using our Website Builder, which has a huge range of features designed to make getting online simple, fast and effective. [/green_box]

7. Mondrian Free

This is a fantastic theme using all of the latest web design technologies.

It utilises HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap; all of which combine to create a responsive template with incredibly fast loading times.

Mondrian Free Joomla Template

There’s also a:

‘Fluid option that allows creating stunning landing pages’

That will be a great asset to local businesses, as converting website visitors to customers is much easier when you’ve created a specific landing page for that visitor.

8. Leo Restro

Leo Restro from Leotheme.com is another fully responsive free Joomla theme.

There are three default styles to choose from.

There’s also a huge range of module positions, compression options and is fully documented.

Leo Restro Free Joomla Template

There’s also some really cool social buttons and a ‘Tweets’ module included.

9. Favourite

This is a really simple, responsive theme with a huge range of customisable features.

We’ve got the standard responsive layout, support for Google Fonts, range of module positions, a huge 10 colour styles and logo options.

Favourite Free Joomla Template

Small Businesses will also be able to take advantage of the extremely simple Google Analytics features of this theme by inserting their Analytics code straight into the theme options!

10. Shaper Helix – II

This is yet another Framework based theme. It comes with lots of great features, including HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

There’s a wide variety of presets too that will allow you to create a professional Joomla website in minutes.

Shaper Helix Free Joomla Template

One of the most important features of this framework is the amount of shortcodes on offer.

Shortcodes are simply small snippets of code that make it really easy to create things like buttons, quotes, menus, maps and galleries within your content.

Once you start using them you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

So there you have it, 10 free Joomla templates which you can use to improve your Joomla website in an instant.

There is a huge variety of templates out there to work with. This is just a small selection of what’s available online, so you might find that there’s something out there that works better for you which isn’t included in this list.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of these templates or if you’ve found something even better in the comments!

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