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3 Ways To Better Your Blog


Blogging seems to have taken the world by storm.

There are millions of blogs out there covering an incredibly diverse range of topics.

You’ve just got to look at the success of services like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr to understand the scale of the blogging phenomenon.

A huge number of our customers are registering their domain names, or adding web hosting to their accounts, for the sole purpose of blogging.

You’re reading a blog right now!

But not all blogs are made equal … why are some blogs so successful while others fail?

Better My Blog

Evidently what you’re writing about is important and the quality of that writing is directly aligned with the success of your blog.

However, if you’re looking for some simple things you can do to improve your blog, we’ve got 3 simple suggestions that can help drive traffic to your blog, help your blog’s SEO and help you create even more amazing content!

  1. Add A Signup Form To Your Blog.

Everyone still uses their email addresses right? Without them we wouldn’t get very far online …

We know that people will always be checking their email, so why not deliver your blog content to them where you know you’re going to reach them!

This blog simply has a text box for your email and a subscribe button, which you’ll see on the right hand side underneath our social media links. Using this function will mean we can deliver our blog posts directly to your inbox!

If you want people to read even more of your content, it makes sense that you should send it straight to them.

The effect that this could have on your blog is huge. Firstly, as more people are reading your content, they’re more likely to share it. Once they’ve shared it, your content is exposed to even more readers. Reaching new audiences is never easy, but sending your content directly to your readers is always going to help you spread the word!

Also, you’ll be driving more traffic to your site. This might lead the visitor on to reading more of your content, sharing those pieces of content and engaging with you further.

There are plugins or extensions for every major content management system out there to help you create a signup form. All you have to do is install them!

Once you’ve got them installed, have a think about how you want to deliver content. Do you want to send an email every time you create a new post? Would you like to send a weekly summary? People don’t like being spammed, so be careful not to send them too many emails!

 2. Encourage Social Sharing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Social sharing is incredibly important to any website.

I’m going to presume here that you’ve already created a Twitter account, Facebook Page and Google+ Page for your blog. (If you haven’t I suggest you get going and do it now!)

Social media helps attract new readers, drive traffic to your site and improve your content.

Once you’ve finished a blog post, read over it a few times to ensure everything sounds good, and published it, what are your next steps?

The very first thing you should do is to post the content on your social media accounts. It helps begin the spreading of your content around the Internet. It can take some time for search engines to start ranking your blog post and visitors to find it organically. Social media however helps you drive traffic to the post straight away! Not only that, but when your content is being shared on Social Media it helps speed up the process of search engines indexing and ranking the page. The benefit is twofold!

The easiest way to encourage social sharing is to make it incredibly simple for your readers to do so!

Add social sharing buttons to your post and ensure that they’re visible as soon as the visitor stops reading. One click social sharing buttons are the most effective. They provide the least friction to sharing.

Schedule some social media posts about your content for the coming weeks. Don’t just think ‘Oh I’ve Tweeted the post once, it will do everything by itself now!’. You need to keep sharing the content yourself to maximise the reach of that particular post.

Once again, if you’re using a content management system, it’s easy to do this. Plugins and extensions in the thousands can be added to your site to help social sharing.

If you just want to embed some code, the brilliant AddThis can help you generate some buttons.

3. Accept Guest Posts.

Have you ever allowed a guest to write a blog post?

It’s a hot topic at the moment. There’s lots of debate about the SEO value of guest posts and the legitimacy of the links they provide. However, done properly, guest posting can bring not only SEO benefits, but also more traffic and help you with the other two bits of advice in this post!

Guest posting helps you create even more content for your blog, but more importantly, it helps you build relationships.

Without those where would we be!?

This helps almost every aspect of your blog. The guest poster will be sharing your content, which will attract new readers. Their followers may share the content, attracting even more readers.

Then you’ve got to think about writing a guest post for the blogger in return. That will generate backlinks to your site and help contribute to your readership even further.


There you have it.

3 simple things that you can implement today to improve your blog.

All of these things are part of a bigger process of improving your blog. It’s an ongoing process that you’ll contribute to every time you add something to your blog.

The more you do, the more results you’ll see!

Enjoy Bloggers!

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