5 Internet Predictions for 2015!


2015 is set to be another bumper year for the Internet! Now more than ever, everyday utensils are connected to the Web. Things like refrigerators, photo frames and even glasses are beginning to be sold with mini computers that can connect to the Internet. This has got us thinking; what Internet related things do we think is going to happen during 2015? Well, we at the Domainmonster headquarters have come up with 5 predictions forth coming year, some more likely than others…


.xyz will hit 1.000.000 total registrations by June. Last year, .xyz was released as an alternative to .com, and it gained much fanfare across the Internet. It has fast become the most registered new gTLD clocking in at 750.000 total registrations by the end of the year. We believe that the sky is the limit and are predicting that it shall reach the million mark around summer time. We wouldn’t actually be surprised if it reached the mark a lot sooner!


More .co.uk domains will be registered this year than .uk domains, but there will be a rise in .uk domains. Another new domain name that was released last year was the shorter, more direct .uk domain. While people will probably recognise .co.uk domains more often than not, we think that this year is the start of a new beginning for UK based domain names. While we still think that more .co.uk domains will be registered than direct .uk domains, the uptake will steadily increase throughout the year. Also worth mentioning is that if you already have the .co.uk name, the .uk equivalent will be reserved for you until 2019, so no one else can register it. Find out what offers we currently have for .uk domain names here: (LINK)


Wearable tech will become commonplace by the end of the year. Moving away from domain names, we think that this year wearable tech will explode and we shall see more people wearing tech-related clothes. Think jumpers with phone jacks that allow you to charge your phone on the go, jackets with LEDs on them, integrated cameras on necklaces… The possibilities are endless. One thing that seems to be inevitable is the influx of smart watches. It has been a long time coming but this year Apple shall releasing their first smart watch and numerous other tech companies shall be releasing similar gadgets. By Christmas, we may all be talking via our watches!


The consumer 3D printing bubble bursts. By now you may have heard of 3D printers, the device that can make almost any object in 3 dimensions. It is still out of reach for the common consumer, but we think this may change in the coming year. Prices for these machines have been steadily declining and it is only a matter of time until affordable budget printers are on the market. Possibly the next big Christmas gift?


Windows 10 Is a Huge Success. It’s safe to say that Windows 8 was a bit like Marmite; some absolutely adored it, others purposefully installed the earlier Windows 7, such was their unhappiness at the latest version of Windows. Having strangely opted to skip naming the system “9”, the new Windows will have a lot to live up to. However we believe that it will be received warmly when it is released later this year. There is a certain trend with Windows in that they seem to get it right every two versions. Windows XP and Windows 7 were great successes whereas Windows Vista and Windows 8 really divided opinion. We expect this trend to continue.

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