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The official domain name blog for no less. Excited?

You should be! This is our space to shout about all the things that matter to the monster, ruffle our fur or just simply make us smile.

It’s not just a domain name blog … We’ll be talking about web hosting, SEO, web design, social media and anything else tech related too!

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Who are

For anyone new to the world of, we are one of the top 25 fastest growing ICANN accredited domain registrars worldwide with offices all round the world, and count many national and international brands as customers. Domain Name Blog

Oh yes, that’s right, we do domains. Those little things that you’d be lost on the net without, those lovely little things that save you having to remember addresses like has an incredible track reckord with domain launches too! We love being at the forefront of the industry and are happy to bring our customers the latest TLDs and support all launch phases to ensure you secure the domain name you need!

Yep, you can register your domain web addresses through us along with your email addresses. But domain registration isn’t all we do.

Comprehensive email solutions, live DNS management, super-resilient and speedy Web Hosting all number amongst the many superb services that we offer and feel hugely passionate about.

We offer industry leading support, both by telephone and email, which ensures you get the service you require. Our staff are really knowledgeable and are happy to go out of their way to help you!

So dive on into our domain name blog and enjoy our bite-sized monster missives about the wonderful world of the web that we live in!

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  1. Hey,

    Love your name! Is very creative!

    I just bought a domain name from you, hope our relationship will be very longer.

    I have one question: For a site with 10 000 visitators/mo, what hosting package I should buy?


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