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Create a website with Website Builder – How easy is it?


So hopefully you’ve all been made aware of our new Website Builder.It makes building a website incredibly easy, even for someone like me who has never designed a decent website in their life!

Creating a Website

So first of all I set up a 14 day free trial of the Pro Website Builder against one of my domains. So far, so good. With an overexcited click I elected to start building my website right away. The first screen you see gives you the chance to choose the template. Clicking on each template will bring up a preview on the right hand side of the page. There’s a lot of templates there let me tell you! I couldn’t choose between them! I started looking through the categories and decided I wanted a ‘Minimal’ look and chose that category. That made things a lot easier. I chose ‘Clip Design’ as my template. I’m a sucker for simple websites that give me the information I want and not too much irrelevant text clogging up the page.

So far all I had done was clicked my mouse 3 times to choose my template and create my site. Now we were into the real Website Builder control panel. All I wanted to do was change the text in some of the boxes. Normally, you have to spend 5 minutes finding where the text is actually located, deep in the file system, before you can edit it. Not here though! I literally clicked what I wanted to change and it bought up the regular text editing options we see every day. Changing the size, font, color and style of the text was as easy as it is in my word processor. It’s like a breath of fresh air when things are made so simple in a complicated process! It’s taken me 4 minutes to create a website.

Website Builder

After I’d changed all the text to relate to my own information, I already had a great looking site, which I could look at with a click of the ‘Preview’ button. No need to log out or in again, no need to open a new tab, everything’s all in one place, which is just how I like it! There are loads of Widgets available too, from Photo Slideshows to Facebook Like buttons. Hopefully my friends would want to ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ my site so I wanted to add those buttons in. This is where it normally goes over my head. Asking me to enter some long code to make the button magically appear and I can never get it to work. Not this time! You find the right widget in the widget box on the left hand side of the builder, drag the button into place on your site and hey presto! I never thought I would see the day I’d be able to create a website that looked this good, slideshows, ‘Like’ buttons, Twitter streams and contact forms included!

Our Website Builder really has opened my eyes. If you want to make your own website I wouldn’t look any further! I’m no web designer, I’ve got very little experience in the field and yet I created a site that any skilled web developer would be proud of! It’s already got some likes from my friends on Facebook and they are all asking one question – “Who did you pay to build this?!”. If that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is!

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