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How we provide excellent customer service!


Excellent Customer Service

Ever heard those horror stories of bad customer service and quips about how unhelpful and un-technical some technical helpdesks can be? Well it doesn’t always have to be that way! You don’t have to have a huge support team to deliver exemplary customer service and top notch support you just need to understand that ultimately everyone you communicate with verbally or by email is a customer. How you look after your customers can be the difference between retaining them forever and losing them to a competitor.

In my experience if your customer service and support team are easily accessible by telephone or email, willing to listen and offer a solution , even when dealing with a complaint or angry customer, then that customer will appreciate the time you’ve spent on them. Knowing that a problem has been resolved will give a customer more faith in you. Hopefully even more faith than before the problem even surfaced!

The secret is to provide only the best customer service from the very beginning. Make your front line support and service the best they’ve experienced. Not only in your industry but ever! While products, systems and infrastructure are all very well for your organisation and Directors it’s the human contact that will really engage with your customers and keep them coming back for more! This is not a revolutionary way of thinking. Jan Carlzon author of ‘Moments of Truth’ and President of Scandinavian airways had much the same viewpoint over 20 years ago :

As SAS we used to think of ourselves as the sum total of our aircraft, our maintenance bases, our offices, and our administrative procedures. But if you ask our customers about SAS, they won’t tell you about our planes or our offices or the way we finance our capital investments. Instead, they’ll talk about our experiences with the people at SAS. SAS is not a collection of material assets but the quality of the contact between an individual customer and the SAS employees, who serve the customer directly (or, as we refer to them, our ‘front line’.)”
(Moments of Truth, Jan Carlzon, published 1987 by Ballinger Publishing Company)

So how do we at Domainmonster.com go about creating these ‘Moments of Truth’?

A warm welcome: All our customers can expect a warm welcome whether it is verbally on the telephone or in our opening lines of an email.  Our tone will be professional yet warm, helpful yet factual.

A listening and patient ear:  If it takes 15 emails back and forth to resolve a problem or query then 15 emails will be sent. If a customer needs to speak to us for 1.5 hours to understand what they need to we’ll be there to talk them through the process. We will always provide as much detail as we can and we always aim to resolve all problems as quickly and as simply as we possibly can!

Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes: Have you ever felt alone as a customer with no one to help you resolve your problem or issue?  As human beings we all inwardly put our problems first. In our heads these problems are huge; not resolving these problems could be catastrophic to us personally as well as financially. At Domainmonster.com we understand that and will display an empathetic attitude. We’re human too!

If you have had a great experience with our Domainmonster.com support team then show your support on Twitter @domainmonster, on Facebook or by commenting on this post!

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Author: Clare Domainmonster.com

Clare Gibb is the Technical Support Manager here at Domainmonster.com. She makes sure that our Technical Support team support our customers to the highest standard.


  1. This is very true, domainmonster have excellent customer support. They have called back when requested via email, customer services don’t always do this with other companies. Very knowledgeable staff, even providing basic legal advice regarding my domain brand name. Great price and great support, recommended.

  2. Thanks for sharing information information on domains.. keep it up..

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