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You may have seen our recent blog post in regard to the lovely Morag and some general details about herself and her role at It’s now time to run a second post in the ‘Meet The Team’ series and this time it’s all about the new starter Ben!

Ben has been with us for just over 6 weeks now and has been a welcome addition to the support team here at Ben who originates from Liverpool (you may have noticed the new accent if you have called in!) undertakes the same role as Morag. Ben understands the importance of providing efficient and effective customer service and has been within the customer service industry for 5 years.

We are sure many of you may have spoken with Ben over the past couple of weeks and thus we felt now would be the perfect time to ask him some questions:

“How are you finding your time here at”

Great! I have met some really nice friends since starting and I am enjoying my new role. I have always enjoyed working within customer support and everyone at the office shares the same love. All staff members know the importance in terms of getting it right for the customer and thus we always strive to do our best!

“Tell us a little about yourself!”

Well as you already know, I’m originally from Liverpool and have been up in Newcastle for around 4 years now. I studied Information Systems at Newcastle University and have since decided that I’m staying put!

“Name 3 of your favourite things to do in your spare time?”

Music! I love my music, I love music festivals. You can’t beat a good festival! Eating out and of course a good night out!

“What social media websites do you use and what is your favourite?”

Well, I have always been a fan of Facebook. Lately, I have seen the light and I would say I am now much more active on Twitter! I like to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world and well, Twitter gives you constant updates. I love that!

Well, there you have it Monsters. A brief introduction to the latest support member, I’m sure many of you will speak to Ben in the near future!


We will continue to run this series so keep your eyes open on the upcoming Blog posts!

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