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We’re going to run a series of short posts which help you meet and greet some of the fantastic people who dedicate themselves to the Domainmonster.com cause.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these insights as we know our Monsters love the personal touch that we provide every day!

First up we have Morag.

Morag is one of the support team here at Domainmonster.com.

She helps customers identify and resolve issues with their domain names, web hosting, website builder or email addresses.

Some of you may have already spoken to Morag and will know that she’s incredibly friendly, yet scarily efficient at getting things done.


I asked her a series of quick fire questions earlier this week:

What is your position at Domainmonster.com?

“I am a Technical Support Analyst.”

What’s your favourite thing about working for Domainmonster.com?

“Making sure our lovely customers are happy! We really do take pride in the support we offer and it’s great when I hear happy Monsters get the perfect outcome.”

How does your average day start?

“With a ridiculous amount of espresso! Then on to checking emails and ensuring that anything that needs to be chased up … is.”

How does your average day end?

“Getting back to people I need to update, see what nice Back Orders we’ve snapped for people and making sure that there are no issues left to resolve. We all also check with the team to see if there’s anything that anyone needs help with before the end of the day. One of the reasons we’ve managed to keep our standard of support so high is by working as a tight-knit team!”

Name 3 websites you couldn’t live without.

“Twitter, Soundcloud  & NPR New Music. I’m a bit of a music freak so discovering new music is essential to my daily routine. All three of these sites help me do that! Plus I keep right up to date with the latest industry trends on Twitter.”

What’s your number one pet peeve?

“Wooden ice cream sticks … I don’t know why I just can’t have them.”

Give us your favourite Movie, Book or Song of all time!

“Of all time is a hard one! Right now I’m getting all nostalgic listening to Rusted Root ‘On My Way’ every day as it holds a lot of good memories from being a student before I graduated last month!”

And Finally … Tea of Coffee?

“Coffee every time!”

So that’s part 1 done!

You’ve met one of our incredibly friendly support team. I bet you’re happy to put a face to the name!

Keep your eyes open for future posts that will cover other team members!

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Author: Sam Domainmonster.com

Community Evangelist at Domainmonster.com. Helping to create a positive brand identity and increase product awareness online through social media. Giving our customers the chance to contact us in any way they feel comfortable.

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