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Mobile Site building with MobileView – Simple!

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A Mobile site is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of the online experience (most important is your domain name of course!). Companies are spending vast amounts of money creating a mobile site that can be loaded by smartphones and tablets in record time. The desktop pages are great, sure, but when you’re trying to browse those websites on a 3.5” mobile phone screen, things can get a bit difficult. Therefore, Mobile Website design is only going to become more and more important!

The stats about mobile Internet usage tell their own story. There are over 1 billion active mobile Internet subscriptions worldwide. Mobile web page views made up 10% of all internet traffic in the first half of 2012. Between 2008 and 2012, the average cost of 1 mb of mobile data dropped by 93.4%. Couple that with the fact that mobile devices seem to be getting better all the time and it’s no wonder that everyone is getting so excited about mobile Internet.

All of these statistics made me think; every website needs a mobile version! I hate going to a website on my phone only to have to scroll all over the place and wait 30 seconds for images to load before I can grab the information I need. Why frustrate visitors like that? Sites like these need to find a way to mobilise.

That’s where MobileView comes in! VeriSign, the registry for .com and .net domain names have developed an application that will help you turn any site into a mobile site…! I wanted to see how the application worked in practice, especially after my recent success with Website Builder, which you can read about in my blog post ‘Create a website with Website Builder – How easy is it?’.

My Mobile Site.

I clicked to set up my mobile site and it was literally up and running in a few minutes. I created the site in my member’s area and without changing anything else; I pointed my browser on my Android phone to and was met with this:

Mobile Site Preview

Simple and effective! I still wanted my site to be a bit more in-line with my main site though. I wondered how easy it would be to put my own logo up there, maybe add a bit of colour.

Mobile Site Builder from VeriSign MobileView

I investigated MobileView a bit further and simply clicked “Upload Logo” and selected a file from my computer to upload a logo. Then I chose a different theme and a few colours from the “Appearance” menu. I also added a few little extra bits of content about what my site offers, what times I could be contacted and details of a current promotion.

Mobile Site BuilderMobile Site Designer

Here’s my mobile site after 15 minutes of simple modification, I was pretty happy with the result:

Mobile Site Final

This was incredibly easy, even for someone like me! I’m no good with web design. Normally I’m a template kind of guy, make the template do all the work, add a bit of colour and do what I can with the tools I’ve got. The templates that MobileView provides are perfect for mobile sites as they are specifically designed for mobile user experience. Not too fancy, not too many images that cause those dreaded long loading times, just social buttons and the content people need. If I can do it anyone can!

Anyone with a .com or .net domain name can create on of these free mobile websites with their domains. Simply use the “Website Content” option in your member’s area to get started.

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  1. Nice post Sam. What is the cost of MobileView if you do not have your website with

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