4 Tips to getting your busines Online!

The 4 biggest advantages to getting your business online!


4 Advantages to getting your Business Online!

If you’re considering buying a domain name and building a website for your business, then stop considering and start doing. There are so many advantages to getting your business online and so few negatives that it really is a no-brainer. It can be done for a minimum of cost and be leveraged to generate almost infinite sales leads and customer interaction. I’m going to explain the 4 biggest advantages of getting your business up and running on the Internet:

  1. Availability – This is the holy grail of all businesses. Hiring somebody to stay on the end of the phone 24 hours a day 365 days a year to talk to potential customers or clients is expensive, impractical and nigh on impossible to achieve. Having a website with a relevant domain name means consumers can find you in the blink of an eye, morning, noon and night, every single day of the year.
  2. Geographic Reach – Linking in with point number 1 is the global availability of websites. This about where you have been advertising so far. Local papers? Trade fairs? National newspapers? TV? All of these advertisement channels can be very effective, but none of them are global! This is where websites wipe the floor with traditional forms of advertising. Advertising your business online with a websites mean anybody in the world with an internet connection (over 1/3rd of the entire global population) can see what you have to offer!
  3. Interactivity – Another great advantage of having a presence online is that customers now have a channel to interact with you. Ever wondered what your customers want to see your business improve? What new services they might need? Where you might have gone wrong in your latest product launch? Any question you need answered can be posted up for your customers and clients to discuss. Think of it as extremely targeted, efficient and free market research. People tend to feel more comfortable giving honest feedback online, which means you get a true reflection of what people are thinking. This is priceless information for the development of your business.
  4. Increased Business – This is the most important aspect for most business owners setting up websites. Using a great domain name and a well-designed site will give you the chance to expose yourself to lots of new customers or clients. Plus these customers or clients won’t be flicking through the paper reading articles and glance over your advert or walking round a trade show looking for something else and overhear your sales pitch. They are searching for you. They are actively typing keywords related to products, information and services that they need and which you can give them.

All in all, like I said at the start of this article. Websites are a vital part of modern business. They provide outreach and availability that are unmatched by any other form of media. You’re more available to your customers and are given more of a chance to interact with and get feedback from them. It really is a no-brainer so get yourself a domain name registered, organise some web hosting and take your small business to the next level.

Have you set up a website for your small business? What have the results been like? Have you had some positive feedback from customers or clients? Let us know below!

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