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If you are just getting into the world of domain names and wondered why you would ever want one? Well we have already spoken about why businesses, large or small, all need a domain name. But what about you? Do you need a website for yourself? It’s a question that we are often asked at I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you should register your own domain name:

  1. Sharing – Everyone knows sharing is caring right? Well what better way to share your thoughts with your friends and family than through a website? You can really show your personality using your own domain name. You could start writing a blog to keep everyone up to date. You could use it for your CV. You could even make a portfolio for your work. This is all well and good but I feel like personal domains should be just that – personal! I have a friend who uses their personal website to keep everyone up to date with their cat’s development. I know it sounds silly, but to me it means missing less of what’s happening in this person’s life! (The cat is often the trigger for a load of other stories and anecdotes from this particular friend’s very interesting life).
  2. Email – Even if you don’t need or want a website, a personal domain can give your email address a personal touch like no other. Imagine if somebody asked you for an email address and you got to turn round and say, “Oh its”. It’s a personal touch that can often start the inevitable “So how did you do that?” conversation. It looks just as good on the bottom of a job application as it does in your friends address book.
  3. Learning – Now this is where I think personal domains can be put to great use. Before you start on your first website for your business wouldn’t you love to be able to have somewhere to test your sites, documents your progress and make notes on what you have been working on? Where better to put all this information that on “yourname.tld”. It will give you a reference to look back on later, when you can say “Yeah I’ve done really well here!” It makes me very happy when I look back to my first blog posts on my domain name!
  4. Security – This is probably the least of most people’s worries but reputations can be ruined using a personal web address. If you don’t hold a personal domain, what’s to stop somebody else going out and registering it? If that somebody has a grudge against you they could get up to all kinds of mischief. It would be terrifying to search your own name in Google and see a page discrediting your work or ruining your reputation! The simplest way to stop this happening is to protect yourself, by buying a personal domain name.

There are so many uses for personal domain names that it seems silly not to get one! Especially consider that domain registration at offers great value for money! I for one cannot think of a better way of documenting my life than keeping it all online for my family and friends to access at any time, wherever they are. What about you? Do you already own a personal domain? What is it used for?

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Author: Sam

Community Evangelist at Helping to create a positive brand identity and increase product awareness online through social media. Giving our customers the chance to contact us in any way they feel comfortable.


  1. Nowadays, everyone require a domain name to establish their online business successfully on the internet and it doesn’t matter whether you have large or small business. In fact you should also buy a personal domain name if you have personal websites which show your personality for example you can use it for a blog, your CV and your portfolio work.

    You provide great reasons for the importance of a personal domain name. Thanks!

  2. When my son was born last year the first thing I did after we had decided his name was to track down a suitable domain name!

    If you’ve seen the Google advert with the new dad who creates a GMAIL account for his daughter you’ll have been impressed with the concept. I took this concept and took it out of Googles hands!

    With the domain I’ve setup a wordpress blog and am using it to document my sons development and key events in his life. This will allow distant relatives who aren’t on Facebook etc to keep up to date with how he’s developing as well as updating it themselves after they have attended an event etc.

    I figured once he gets older I will archive the site and hand over the domain to him to do with what he wants (he probably doesn’t want his girlfriend watching a video of him in the bath when he was 4 months old!).

    • Great stuff Jon!

      We totally agree, the Google ad campaign was fantastic.

      There has been a trend for buying your child’s domain name in recent years and long may it continue!

      Hopefully he will, when he’s a bit older, embrace the work you have put in and continue to develop his blog!

      I certainly wish I had an archive of my life in a blog I could visit any time and share with my family.

  3. yes i register i personal domain name
    i think its important to create our own attitude among people.

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