Pre-registering new GTLDs – is it really that easy?

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With the build up to the launch of the new exciting GTLD’s fast approaching, it is certain to be a very exciting era in the domain name marketplace with everyone debating on how the biggest change to the internet is going to play out. In the office there’s been lots of talk of the new GTLDs that have been shown and everyone has their own favourites. Morag is looking forward to seeing .scot, I think the sports ones such as .rugby and .football will be interesting and Sam is a bit upset that there is no .biscuit suggestion

A quick scan on social media or the blogosphere and anyone can see that the discussion is extensive. Added to this are the marketing campaigns, not just limited to the web but also on TV explaining that soon anyone will be able to register .shop or .ninja.

Lots of registrars are already advertising the option to ‘pre-register’ or ‘secure’ these new domain extensions which sounds almost too good to be true.

It’s important to remember that at this stage there is no way to actually “order” any New gTLDs as there are no mechanisms in place at the registries to allow us, or any other registrar, to do this. In the midst of this, it is still currently unclear which domains will be freely available to the general public, what the various price points will be, which domains will be defined as premium and in some cases, who will actually run the registries! It is for this reason that we are being as transparent about this process as possible as we know what our customers can and can’t do with the new domains at this moment. Availability of the new domains is yet to be decided in many cases as ICANN recently clarified on their blog.

This is why it is important to gather as much information on the New gTLDs as possible before getting our hopes up. At we’re taking a more balanced approach which we feel is listening to which TLD’s our customers are most interested in. This helps us know what our customers want and helps us focus on being accredited for these TLDs and working with the associated registries in any launch phases which helps in return provide as much information to their customers.

We’ve recently launched a minisite which allows you to select the GTLDs that are most important to you and as our customer, to know that we are serving you best. These new TLDs are about to completely change the way the internet works and we need to know how to get it right from the off. As and when more information comes out we’ll be keeping our customers updated and I am sure there are plenty of blog posts to come over the months on this!

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  1. Hi John,

    just read your great article at Really useful info.

    I thought this would interest you. We just did an infographics with the launch dates of the 617 new gTLDs:


    Christopher Hofman

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