5 qualities that make a great employee

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I’m a firm believer that our company’s success is down to the people in it. We have an ever growing team here at Domainmonster.com and I’m passionate about finding, retaining and motivating those class leading employees that will help continue the growth in our business. So what makes a superstar employee that will grow your business:

  1. Job descriptions mean nothing to them. To grow you need to be flexible. What was important one minute, might no longer be important the next. A great employee recognises that and adapts before the business asks them too. Most importantly, they’re accountable, responsible, think on their feet and deliver beyond the remit, often determining the remit. An employee can’t do that working to the letter; they need to work to the objective; work around the objective; deliver a goal, not a description.
  2. They push the impossible. Nothing is impossible! Great employees are curious. They know what needs to be delivered, but along the way often discover something new; something they look at in a little more detail; something that often turns into a usable commercial discovery.  A better way of doing business, a more efficient way or a simple discovery that when added with X can become Y.
  3. They complain privately. It’s impossible to stay happy all the time and an employer knows that. A great employee is intelligent about sensitive issues. They raise them in private, follow them up in private and recognise that discussion in a group setting could start an unnecessary firestorm of “followers”; beating down moral unnecessarily.
  4. They praise publicly. Recognition of your work is as important as recognition of someone else’s work. A great employee tells his colleagues; good job! We all see work others are doing and think, wow that’s cool; they did a really good job of that.  Praise doesn’t need to just be recognised or given by the boss. A great employee recognises the work of his peers to and isn’t shy about telling them.
  5. Practicality not policy. To grow a business you need process and you need policy. Without it a business just simply can’t scale. Employees have to conform or the business gets out of shape pretty quickly. Great employees know they need to turn up on time, they know sick days are for the sick. However, they also know when rules do need breaking, when the time is right to improve the policy in favour of a sensible practical solution that achieves the aim more efficiently for them, the business and our customers. They speak up, make change happen and are accountable.
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Author: Matt Mansell, CEO, Domainmonster.com

CEO of Domainmonster.com, with a vision for a domain registrar that offers exceptional pricing whilst still delivering superior no-wait customer support. Matt has huge experience in advertising and marketing, driving early growth of the Internet at both Macromedia and Quark. Matt has written for the European Press, previously contributed to the UK's Internet Press. Tweet to @uk_matt

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  1. These 5 sound like the attributes of some of the greatest entrepreneurs I know, yet entrepreneurs rarely make the best employees; catch-22?

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