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Social Media Optimization – The Complete Guide – Part 2


Social Media Optimization – Social Profiles and More!

Don’t forget to read this first! – Social Media Optimization – The Complete Guide Part 1.

So your social media accounts themselves can be an extremely powerful SEO tool. Not only can you generate huge amounts of traffic from social media, but you can also help your visibility in search engines.

Let’s go through the main social networks first and explain how you can optimize each social media profile for maximum SEO potential.

Facebook Page Optimization

Your website should always have an assigned Facebook page.

This will help refer traffic from Facebook to your website and vice versa.

Facebook Page Optimization

1. Facebook Page Vanity URL

Hopefully your page has already reached 25 likes.

If so you can set a ‘Vanity URL’ for your Facebook page to create an optimized URL.

You’ll be able to change the URL of your page from:*&^%$ to

We all know that search engines like URLs to be relevant to the content of the page. (That’s why you’ve all come to us for a domain name!) This should help increase the search visibility of your Facebook page dramatically!

2. Facebook Page Keywords

Using your keywords on your Facebook page will help search engines identify what your page is about.

If you’re not sure what your keywords should be I suggest you start with these free keyword tools.

Ensure that you include your primary keywords in your posts and in both the short and long descriptions of your page.

3. Website URL Link

This one’s easy – Just make sure you’ve linked your Facebook Page to your Website using the ‘Website’ field in the Page Info.

Further to these three essential things, you should also follow these best practices for maximum exposure:

  • Link back to your Facebook page from your website in your posts as well as your page information.
  • Ensure that your posts are engaging! You can use the excellent Facebook Insights to see which of your posts are most effective.
  • If you’re a local business, make sure you’re set up as a Facebook Location so that users can check in.

If you want some further Facebook Page optimization advice, Right-On No-Bull Marketing created this infographic –

Twitter Profile Optimization

Twitter is one of the best real time conversation tools in the world.

You can attract thousands of visitors to your website using Twitter, but what about attracting people to your Twitter profile in the first place?

Twitter Profile Optimization

1. Choose your Username wisely!

I know this may be a little late for some of you, but if you’re only just creating your Twitter account, spend some time choosing a good username!

If you’re trying to rank for ‘SEO’ you might want to include SEO in your username. If you’re using Twitter on a purely personal basis, you will want to get a username that’s as close to your real name as possible!

2. Ensure your Name is accurate.

The name you enter here should be your real name, if you’re a personal user and your business name if you’re a commercial user.

This helps you get found in search results when people are searching for you or your business. You’ll take up more space in the SERPS and that is always a good thing!

3. Include a link in your Twitter profile.

Once again this is a total no brainer.

Include a link in the ‘Website’ field back to your website, blog or any other web property you want to drive traffic to!

4. Write a Keyword rich Bio.

The ‘Bio’ section of your Twitter profile is very important. It’s used not just in Twitter search, but also as the meta description for your Twitter profile.

Here’s an overview of what you enter here might affect how your Twitter profile is reflected in search results:

Twitter SERPS

For advice on optimizing your Twitter presence, read this brilliant post – “How To Optimize Twitter: Be Real, Profiles, RT, Hashtags & More

Google+ Page Optimization

Google+ is the social network created by the biggest search engine in the world.

With Authorship and Author Rank being some of the biggest buzz words in the social world at the moment, optimizing your Google+ page or profile is essential.

1. Page Name

The name of your Google+ page should be your brand name. As with all your other social profiles, this helps your Google+ page be discovered when people are searching for information about your brand.

2. Optimize your Tagline and Introduction.

Google Plus Optimization

The ‘Tagline’ and ‘Introduction’ of your Google+ page should contain your keywords.

A combination of these two fields creates the meta description for your Google+ page. The content of your meta description, although not used as a ranking factor itself, can have a big effect on your click through rates.

The higher the click through rate, the more successful your page will be!

3. Take advantage of Backlink opportunities.

There are a couple of opportunities to link back to your website or other web properties on your Google+ page.

Google+ Links

  • The Introduction allows you to link back to your site. There’s even a “Link” button in the text editor you’ll use to write the introduction … so use it!
  • The ‘Links’ section of your page is also a source of backlinks. It’s a good idea to link to your other social profiles here. Every little helps!

For a more in depth look at Google+ Optimization – “SEO for Google+ Profiles, Pages, Local, Communities & Updates

Further Social Media Optimization Best Practices

Now let’s talk in more general terms.

You’ve already learnt how to optimise your own website for social media and how to use your social media profiles to good effect.

If you’ve followed the advice we’ve given you, you’ll have a great foundation to build on.

Here’s some further advice for you to make the most of social media:

  • Share content regularly!

Probably stating this obvious here but you’ll be surprised how often this is neglected!

A well optimized social profile is almost useless to you if you don’t make use of it! There are so many tools out there to help you share content, (see our post on social media tools for some of our favourites) that there’s no excuse for not keeping your social channels active!

There’s a fine line between regular sharing and spam though.

If you’re going to automate some of these processes, make sure you leave regular intervals so users have room to breathe. Bombarding them with your marketing messages every five minutes is not going to help!

  • Leverage Social Media Influencers.

If there’s someone always tweeting you with 10,00 followers, or someone +1’ing lots of your content on Google+ who is in thousands of circles, try to reach out to them and see if you can help them in any way.

The more you can engage with influencers in your space, the further your social profiles will reach. That’s one of the main aims of a social media presence, to reach new users!

  • Measure. Measure. Measure again … then react.

The only way to know how well your social media presence is working is by measuring exactly what effect it’s having!

Google Analytics, one of the most complete analytics platforms available, has a dedicated social section. It’ll show you what networks are referring traffic to your site and how those visitors react when they reach your site!

This information is absolutely invaluable.

If you find that a particular video you created on YouTube is driving lots of traffic to your site and has created lots of new users on your site, it’s time to make another one!

If you see that you’ve suddenly had a huge increase in Facebook traffic, try and work out why! What have you been doing different in recent weeks? Well keep doing it!


Social Media Optimization isn’t going away.

Social networks are growing all the time. More and more consumers are embracing social media in their buying process.

With an optimized social media presence you’ll be able to get additional exposure for your content, products or services.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this guide and found lots of useful advice.

If you have any further questions about social media optimization, don’t forget to leave them in the comments!

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