UK Digital Revolution
UK Digital Revolution

The UK’s Digital Revolution – Where are we now?


Remember when using the Internet meant dialling up to connect? When you couldn’t use the phone when you were trying to send an Email? Well thankfully those days are gone! We’ve entered a new digital age where we can access the Internet anytime and anywhere through a variety of devices. Being in the Domain Name industry and working daily with people who have seen the Internet revolutionise their businesses and hobbies I love reading documents like this latest Ofcom Report: UK a nation of hi-tech TV lovers.

UK Digital Revolution

How far has the UK Digital Revolution taken us?

First off, Ofcom talks about the incredible demand for online TV streaming. We’re apparently one of the first all-digital countries in the world … in TV broadcasting terms anyway, thanks to the Digital Switchover which concluded in October. With services from all the major TV networks, streaming has become an entertainment staple in the UK. Without it, how would you catch up with your favourite TV programme you missed while you were working late? Setting a VHS on a timer to record it? I should hope not … with the utmost respect for those still using VHS of course.

Then you’ve got online shopping. This always-on, easy to use, fast and cheap method of retail has absolutely exploded. Sitting at your laptop and having literally almost any product at your fingertips, plus the opinions of thousands of other people about that product, is strangely liberating. Plus it’s convenient. Plus retailers can save money. There are downsides of course, what with the decline in high street shops and the hardship that’s brought a lot of people, but all in all you have to say it’s a fairly rewarding experience! Without Domain Names and Web Hosting you can wave goodbye to online shopping. Just another way improves the lives of everyone around the globe*.

Before you think it couldn’t get any better, what about mobile internet usage? I literally feel like I’ve lost a limb if I forget my mobile phone. What if I need to tell my Facebook friends about some breaking news? Or if I’ve just seen something incredible I’ve got to tweet a picture of? What if I need to check what time that film is going to be on? It’s like being back in the dark ages. The UK is now has more mobile traffic (16%) than any other nation in Europe. We’re always telling you how important a mobile site is and that’s not going to change any time soon (Thank goodness we offer you a free mobile site with any .com or .net domain name).

All in all the report makes great reading. The world has now well and truly arrived online. Sure the UK might not have the fastest broadband connections or been very quickly of the mark with the whole 4G release, but at least we’re using our laptops, phones and tablets to generate a nation of connected, efficient and dare I say passionate Internet users.

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