Top 5 Christmas Domain Names!


Christmas is upon us! And what better way to celebrate the festive season with some festive domain names. With the new gTLDs being released this year, there is something for everyone. We have picked out 5 domain names in particular that ready-made for Christmas and what the magical holiday represents.


Pretty self-explanatory, but there is no denying when this domain name will get used! While it probably isn’t the most relevant domain name for 11 months of the year, this really comes into its own during the month of December . Expect to see a number of high street retailers offering special deals on a .christmas website. The registry, Uniregistry, have released these domain names with the intention of letting viewers of these websites to have immediate context for the content about to be viewed. While it is unlikely to be used throughout the rest of the year, .christmas websites will probably become extremely popular across the festive period.


Shopping is the quintessential activity that takes place during Christmas, so much so that there is now a chosen day in late November where shops and retailers dramatically lower their prices for customers to grab a few bargains for Christmas time. That day is more commonly known as “Black Friday” and there is a domain name specifically for this. Another domain from Uniregistry, this domain would be primarily used for a small part of the year, possibly no more than a few weeks; but would be used to alert viewers to the special deals that will be available for a solitary day.


Every kid’s dream is to wake up on Christmas morning to find Santa has left a big sack of presents as a reward for being a good kid all year long. And invariably, the bigger the presents the better (or at least that’s what we thought when we were growing up!). With that in mind, what better way to sell toys on-line than with a .toys domain name! A bit more relevant throughout the year than the previous two domains, .toys domains immediately invokes memories of childhood, especially around this time of year!


A domain much more useful perhaps than the others, this domain is widely expected to be used by travel agents and airline companies, but also for festive holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays. Another domain managed at Donuts, viewers of websites using this domain name can expect to book winter holidays abroad across the Christmas holiday season or summer holidays in the heat of the summer.


Now I bet you’re wondering what this stands for? Amazingly this domain name has been around for many years (since 1997 in fact!) and yet you would never believe this is related to Christmas! .cx is the ccTLD for Christmas Island, which is a small island in the Indian Ocean. The island is actually a territory of Australia, but could you guess why the island is called Christmas Island (Hint: it was discovered on a particular day!).

Honourable mentions go to .day (christmas.day?, boxing.day?) and .gift (we prefer .toys!). It’s safe to say that Christmas domain names have never been plentiful! To register any of these domain names an much more, head over to our domain registration page!

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