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The Three I’s – Explaining My Twidiction!

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We’re in the year 2012 and the sheer integration of social networks with people’s lives never ceases to amaze me. It’s no longer “What’s your mobile number?”, but usually always “Are you on Facebook” or “Are you on Twitter”. No need for text messages, use Facebook chat! Most people have 3g and a smartphone now anyway! Even in the early days, when I first dipped my toe into social media with a MySpace page back in 2005, I realised that social media, as a concept, was only going to get bigger.

Facebook seems to be so ever-present in everybody’s lives. However, in my role as a social media evangelist here at, Twitter also gives me a great platform to keep up to date with our industry and make sure customers get the support they need. Not only this, but it allows us as a company to share information with our wonderful customers. If you are like me and are always keen to keep up to speed with the latest developments in your industry, Twitter is the ultimate resource.

Twitter allows me to feed this information hunger through what I like to call the 3 I’s:

  1. Information – First of all is the information I get from Twitter. It’s simple. Follow interesting people who study or work in interesting fields and be fed interesting information. I have a real passion for anything to do with social media, so following people who provide quality content about social networks and subscribing to lists that give an overview of the industry, allow me to get the latest news and a wealth of resources. All from one simple interface. This means I can inform @domainmonster followers about the latest goings on, not only from us as a company, but from the industry as a whole!
  2. Investigation – Step two of this process is the desire to know more. For example, if a new TLD appeared that I wanted to know more about, I’m heading straight for the Twitter search bar. Using the right filters lets me see just Tweets with links, Tweets without links, Tweets from certain users etc. This helps me learn about this new social network from real people. It also lets me collect a few links on the subject and gauge people’s opinions. Sharing that with all of our followers means we are saving them a ton of effort! Now they don’t have to go around looking for this information, they get it straight from the Monsters mouth! But I still have questions. I wonder where I should ask them.
  3. Interaction – The last ‘I’ could well be the most important, interaction. This is what social networks are all about. If I have a question, I can submit that question to the world via Twitter. I can add a #hashtag to let people know what I’m talking about and help them to find my question. I will receive responses from our followers, who are people I trust, our customers! I might ask our followers “Should our new domain use .com, .net or .org? What about #NewgTLD #discuss”. This means our followers can get involved. Our followers mean a lot to us and your opinions count!

I find it hard to see a better way for us to gauge public opinion on the latest headlines and find out what our customers are talking about! Everything I need to know every day can be found in my Twitter feed, from the latest news headlines to ICANN meeting dates. Most importantly however it lets me interact with you guys, the customers. Without you the business couldn’t operate and I have a great time reading through your Tweets, seeing what you’re talking about and trying to identify what you might need. It’s a brilliant job! See you out there in the Twittersphere Tweeps!

How do you use Twitter? Do you follow @domainmonster? Do you enjoy our Tweets? Comment below using your Twitter account … ironically!

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