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The day has finally arrived. The new shortened .uk domain was released yesterday at 8am and was immediately snapped up by thousands of customers via the Domainmonster website.


Demand has been increasing by the hour with more and more requests to register .uk domains coming through to the support team. In response to this high demand, we thought we would list a couple of things that you need to be aware of before registering a new .uk domain:

1 – If you already have the domain, you will have exclusive priority over the next 5 years to register the .uk equivalent, provided that you registered your domain name prior to the cut-off point, which was 28-Oct-2013.

So for example, if you registered in 2005, you have the right to register for the next 5 years. No one else will be able to do so until 11-Jun-2019.

However if you registered on 28-Jan-2014, three months after the cut-off point, then would have priority, provided that was registered before the cut-off point.

But what if both and was registered after 28-Oct-2013 and was registered in 2012? Then would get priority to register

As you can see, the domains holds a higher priority than both and But again, depending on when the registrations took place, you may find the other domain owners may have the right to the .uk domain instead.

Finally, there is a chance that none of them exist; there is no, or In this case all you need to do is register as you would normally through the Domainmonster website.

2 – If a domain exists already, you will need to have the domain in your Domainmonster account beforehand. You will not be able to register a .uk domain if the domain is with another registrar. Luckily, you can use our free transfer in system to transfer your domain into Domainmonster. This process takes no more than 2 hours and is a very simple switch to do. That way you will be free to register the .uk domain with us too. All you would need to do is login to your Domainmonster account, go to the Members Area and then click on “Eligible Domains”, under “.UK Prior Rights”. You will see a list of .uk domains that you are able to purchase; just select the ones you wish to add to the basket and proceed to checkout.


Register your .uk domains here!

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