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It’s a very exciting time to be Scottish! This summer, Glasgow hosted what can only be described as the best Commonwealth Games in recent memory. The city was showed off to be one of the most friendly in Europe, with thousands of volunteers helping out to stage the games. In addition to that, their athletes produced their best ever display at a Commonwealth Games.

However the summer isn’t over. And soon, there will be a new domain extension exclusive to Scotland. At the end of this summer, .scot shall become available for registration.


Beam me up .scot!

With over 40 million people connected in some way to Scotland, it’s fair to say the demand for this new gTLD is as high as Ben Nevis! The .scot domains are being introduced in order to allow people, businesses and companies make it very clear that their website is based in Scottish roots. Perhaps more now than ever, Scottish people are itching to identify themselves as Scottish to the wider world, as opposed to British; and purchasing a .scot domain name is a great way to start.

In order for .scot domains to be exclusive to the Scottish community, the registry has imposed some restrictions during the registration process. All .scot registrations must be made by people linked to the Scottish community and the domain must be used in a way that benefits the Scottish community.

Ready, .scot, GO!

So, you’re interested in getting a .scot domain, but not sure how to go about it? Fear not, we have all the information needed here:

To summarise, there are three periods of registration:

Sunrise. This initial period is open to trademark holders that have registered with TMCH (Trademark Clearing House). This period began on 15-Jul-2014 and ends 13-Sept-2014.

Landrush. This period is for certain trademark and business owners that would like to get their .scot domain names before they are actually released. There are 4 different priority types during this Landrush period, each assigned for a certain group of potential suitors (Public Interest, Local Trademark, Local Entities, & General landrush). Registering a .scot domain doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive the domain, there may be other registrants interested in the same domain. In this case, it may go up for auction. In this case, the .scot registry will notify you in due course. The Landrush period began on 15-Jul-2014 and ends on 19-Sept-2014.

General Availability. The period that commences after the Landrush period has ended, this is when the .scot domains shall be available to register to anyone provided they are eligible. They shall be registered from this point onwards on a first-come, first-served basis. The .scot domains are available from 23-Sept-2014 onwards.

Register now!

Excited? You should be! If you’re interested in ordering a .scot domain, head over to our Domainmonster Registration Page where you can register your interest in your chosen .scot generic domain. And remember, we’re on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to ask us any questions!


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