How well are the new gTLDs performing?


We are now well into 2014, the year of the new gTLDs, and people have started wondering what effect, if any, they are having on the World Wide Web. Here at Domainmonster, we have had a look at the latest registration figures with some interesting results.



According to the latest figures, the gTLDs are steadily becoming ever more popular with customers looking to register domains for their businesses or personal interests. Since first launching, sales have risen at a very consistent rate, proving that there is a genuine demand for these new domain names.

.guru is leading the pack with over 55,000 registrations, that represents 7.4% of all gTLD registrations. Since launching in early February, .guru has easily become the most sought after gTLD, having reached 50.000 registrations in just 78 days.

Following closely behind is .berlin, currently shy of the 50.000 registrations mark, but is expected to reach that milestone in the coming days. In third place is .club, which launched only last week but has already amassed over 40.000 registrations and should the current trend continue, it shall surpass .berlin and .guru and become most registered gTLD.

Other gTLDs in the top ten include .photography, .email, .link, .today, .tips and .company. All have exceeded the 15.000 registrations mark and the mark is ever growing.

Perhaps the most telling stat is the fact that if you combine the top ten’s total registrations, that is only 43.3% of all gTLD registrations; proving there is life for a number of other gTLDs.

However, there are cases where some gTLDs have possibly not lived up to the hype, such as .photos. Seeing as there are already two others very similar (.photography and .photo), it seems this impacting the number of registrations for .photos. Another gTLD facing a few difficulties is .buzz. This was released in mid April with a lot of expectation, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have been that popular with customers.

So what to expect later on in the year? There are a few gTLDs that shall be released in the coming months that are almost certain to be bestsellers. The most anticipated, at lease in the UK, is the general release of .london. Thousands of London-based businesses have already shown an interest in acquiring their equivalent  .london domain name. New York have their own gTLD released later this year also, .nyc. There are a number of others also expected to do well: .expert, .ninja, .wales, and .bar to name a few.


Suffice to say, it’s an incredibly interesting time in the domain name world!

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